My Information

Name: Farrah Abraham
Age: 20
Location: Florida
Occupation: Entrepreneur
School: Ai of Florida

A note from Farrah...

Sophia and I both thank you for visiting our website and hope we have made you feel like part of our family. Make sure to visit our Food Blog to get some scrumptious recipes and send in your favorites as well!

Get to know me a little better

Farrah started her life like every other teenager- she had friends, a great boyfriend, and the typical hardships of growing up. But her life was about to change dramatically. At 16, Farrah became pregnant and her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half suddenly died in a car accident. This whirlwind of events set the pace for the next few years of her life.

MTV cast Farrah to tell her story to millions of people across the world in their new show, Teen Mom. This opportunity allowed Farrah along with three other girls to share their stories and hardships with more than 5.6 million viewers.

The ups and downs of teen life, her sudden loss of her daughter’s father, and the stresses that come with being in the limelight made Farrah into the woman she is today- responsible, diligent, and a wonderful mother.

Farrah’s ultimate goal is to be the best mother she can be to her beautiful daughter Sophia. She has continued to show her loving affection both on and off the camera as well as developing Sophia into a well-behaved and intelligent child.

Currently, Farrah along with 2-year-old Sophia have moved from Iowa to the sunny and warm state of Florida. Farrah is presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management at a top rated trade university. She is also using her knowledge of social issues to educate young teens in safe sex, good parenting, and building healthy relationships. Farrah is an advocate of ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation of young men and women in our country and abroad. You can help Farrah fight human trafficking and other social issues by joining her in breaking the silence and spreading awareness. If you or someone you know is struggling with any of these issues please contact your local counselor or click here for more info.
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